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ETF Securities converts first Global Robotics & Automation ETF in Europe to physically-backed and reduces TER

In response to investor demand, ETF Securities, one of the world’s leading independent providers of specialist Exchange Traded Products, has announced that its ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation GO UCITS ETF (ROBO), will be physicallybacked (1) from September 16th.

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  • Move in response to investor appetite for physicallybacked exposure to robotics and automation sector
  • TER cut from 95bps to 80bps for first UCITS ETF providing exposure to global robotics and automation sector, reflects investment theme becoming mainstream

The change also allows ETF Securities to reduce the TER from 95 bps to 80 bps on the product, the first European ETF to provide global exposure to the rapidly evolving global robotics and automation sector.

Howie Li, Co-Head of Canvas, ETF Securities comments: “The ROBO Global® Robotics and Automation product is now well established, with around USD 80 million (2) in AUM since its listing nearly two years ago. By making the product physically backed and cutting the TER, we are responding to investor demand to make this increasingly important investment theme more accessible to a broader range of European investors.

He adds: “We believe the world is in the early stages of a transformational new economic revolution, driven by the increasing adoption of sophisticated robotics and automation technologies across all aspects of industry and day-to-day life. ROBO, which we developed with ROBO Global®, a recognised leader in robotics and automation investment solutions, offers investors a simple, liquid, risk adjusted and cost effective way to gain access to this automation and robotics megatrend. The move to physical-replication and cost reduction should further enhance investors’ interest and access to this opportunity.

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Article also available in : English EN | français FR


(1). “Physically-backed” ETPs, also known as physically-replicated, buy the underlying holdings. Synthetic ETFs gain exposure to an asset-class using swaps and collateral, which can incur higher costs.

(2). AUM as at August 30th 2016



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