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Euronext launches the Euronext BeNe 40 Equal Weight Index

Euronext, the leading exchange in the Eurozone, today announced the launch of the Euronext® BeNe 40 Equal Weight index, an index reflecting the 40 most traded companies included in the BEL 20® and AEX® indices.

The index is composed of the 40 most traded shares of the belgian and dutch markets

The index is composed of the 40 most traded companies included in the BEL 20 and the AEX and will be rebalanced to equal weight at each quarterly review. The Euronext BeNe 40 Equal Weight index will be calculated as a price index, net return index, gross return index and an excess return index. The index is calculated and published every 15 seconds.

The index is designed to act as an underlying for exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other investable products, such as structured products. For a complete overview of the constituents, see below.

“This newly launched index illustrates our efforts and commitment to respond quickly to the market’s needs and underscores the strength of Euronext’s indices as an underlying for all types of products,” explains Michael Hodgson, Head of Licensing, Market and Global Sales at Euronext. “Additionally, the new index will help investors to gain better insight in the overall performance of the Dutch and Belgian stock markets.”

Euronext is also pleased to announce it has licensed the index to Natixis for the creation of Structured Notes.

Eric Le Brusq, Global Head of Equity Derivatives Sales & Financial Engineering for Natixis, added: “This index will bring a simple and direct access to the best traded shares of both the Belgian and the Dutch market. It is a real trigger for all investors in the area, and a real pleasure for Natixis to be partner of Euronext to promote this unique underlying.”

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