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European Investment Bank Financed €1.2trn of Projects Over Last Two Decades

As one of the world’s largest public lending institutions the European Investment Bank has granted financial support for thousands of companies and projects over the years. According to data gathered by, the combined value of EIB-financed projects in the last two decades reached €1.2trn.

Credit Lines, Transport and Energy Top the List of EIB Investment Support

The European Investment Bank data revealed that nearly €963bn was invested in development projects in the European Union in the last twenty years. Further €80.6bn was invested in projects and companies from the United Kingdom.

Statistics show the European Investment bank granted nearly €40bn worth financial support for projects in potential future EU states, also known as enlargement countries, during that same period.

The total value of EIB-financed projects in the Mediterranean countries between 2000 and 2020 amounts to €29.2bn. Asia and Latin America ranked as the fourth most-financed region with €19.7bn in the total value of projects. Africa, Eastern Europe, and EFTA countries follow, with €15.5bn, €11.8bn, and €3.7bn worth investments. Statistics show that the European Investment Bank granted €2.7bn worth financial support for projects from South Africa in the last two decades.

Analyzed by sectors, credit lines top the list of EIB investment support, with €337.6bn value between 2000 and 2020. Transport ranked as the second-largest sector with €255.9bn worth projects. Energy, industry and water/sewerage follow, with €155bn, €113.6bn, and €55.9bn in the total value of investments, respectively.

Financial Support for COVID-19 Response

Analyzed by the signed amount, the €2bn worth credit line provided by the European Investment Bank and a French public sector financial institution Caisse des Dépôts in 2015, represents the highest-valued project in the last two decades. These funds were deployed to support small and medium-sized local authorities and the environmental and energy transition.

The same year, the European Investment Bank concluded a €1.97bn worth agreement with the Kingdom of Spain on the implementation of the SME Initiative in the country, the second-largest project in the last twenty years. The primary goal of this project was to facilitate access to finance for Spanish SMEs by lowering the interest rates charged by banks on their loans.

The €1.92bn worth EIB loan for UK National Grid investment across its electricity transmission network represents the third highest-valued project in the last two decades.

Statistics show the three largest EIB-financed projects in 2020 are all part of the COVID-19 response package. In May, the European Investment Bank provided Madrid Region with €600 million to strengthen its response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Another €1bn worth financial help was granted the same month to help alleviate the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 crisis on small businesses in Spain.

In June, the European Investment Bank and the Italian Promotional Bank & Sovereign Fund, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, signed an agreement on providing €1.5bn worth loans to Italian SMEs, mid-caps and business networks, the highest-valued project in 2020, so far.

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