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Mirova Green Bond - Global, the first green bond

Mirova, a subsidiary of Natixis Asset Management dedicated to responsible investment, has received the Novethic Green Fund Label 2015 for its fund Mirova Green Bond - Global. Mirova Green Bond - Global has thereby become the first green bond fund awarded the Novethic label.

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The Novethic Green Fund Label has since 2013 been awarded to funds financing companies that provide solutions to environmental issues such as energy transition and natural resources management. Awarded by the research centre Novethic, an expert body that is independent from management companies, this label provides a guarantee for investors of the quality and transparency of these funds’ environmental characteristics and their contribution to sustainable development.

A pioneer in the green bond market [1], Mirova participated in the first green bond issues in 2012 and then became involved in market bodies with the aim of structuring and developing the market, in close cooperation with Natixis SRI research in particular. Mirova Green Bond - Global is a thematic international bond fund dedicated to the financing of environmental transition. It applies an active, conviction-based management whose main performance driver is selecting issues that have a double impact: financial and environmental. This approach combines financial and nonfinancial views: analysis of each project financed, ESG (environmental, social and governance) analysis of the issuer carried out by Mirova, fundamental analysis to determine the bond’s financial attractiveness.

Mirova Green Bond - Global is managed by Christopher Wigley, supported in particular by Mirova’s responsible investment team (11 analysts).

Christopher Wigley, manager of Mirova Green Bond - Global, explains: "We are proud to receive the first Novethic Green Fund Label awarded to a green bond fund. By financing tangible assets, green bonds address direct and concrete needs: they enable issuers to diversify their investor bases and investors to actively take part in energy transition financing. This Novethic label rewards our rigorous analysis of the nonfinancial aspects of each of the bonds in our portfolio.”

Mirova Green Bond - Global is a SICAV (open-ended investment fund) governed by French Law whose management is delegated to Mirova. It has been approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and can be distributed exclusively in France. It presents a risk of capital loss.

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Article also available in : English EN | français FR


[1] Green bonds are bonds that finance green growth via specific projects addressing environmental issues.



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